How I Can Help You Align With Your True North: Get Clarity, Find Direction & Boost Your Confidence


Aligning With Your True North

If you don’t know to which port you wish to sail, then no wind is helpful.

Seneca, the Stoic philosopher and poet, said that 2,000 years ago and the message is just as pertinent today as it was back in the time of the Roman Empire.

Basically, it means that if you don’t know where you want to go, then nothing can really help you. You need to know where you are going, or like a ship without a rudder you’ll spend your whole life going around and around in circles.

But to know where you want to go, you need to know where you are right now. You need to orientate yourself in your current position in time and space so that you can determine which direction you wish to travel.

One of the best ways to orientate yourself is to align with your True North star. That’s how the sailors got from port to port in the past, and that’s how you can get to where you want to go today.

So how do you do this?

I personally keep myself aligned with my True North by reminding myself of “How I Help Others”.

The image below is the exact image I have printed and pinned to my corkboard next to my computer.

When I feel the mind fog settling in and feeling a bit at a loss, I glance up to this visual reminder to help me to get clarity, direction, and confidence to keep doing what I do and to keep climbing my mountain, one step at a time.

How I Help Others

One day not so long ago, when I was struggling to get a clear picture of my purpose, my “why do I do what I do?”, I sat down and said to myself, “Scott, what is it that you really want to do to help others?”

With pencil and paper, I jotted down 4 main areas on how I wanted to help:

#1: Renaissance

I want to help people heal their wounds and end their internal suffering (yes, that’s the doctor in me coming out).

The best way I know how is to help people end the illusion of separation and isolation and acknowledge their Oneness with Life and with everyone and everything else in the universe.

Through the awareness of Oneness and living in the present moment of Now, illusion and suffering ends, and what remains is Goodness, Truth, and Beauty.

This recognition of Reality is a rebirth or renaissance of the self, and it is cathartic and healing.

#2: Revelation

I want to help people reconnect with their True Self and rediscover their Natural State of Being, which is your natural state of joy, security, acceptance, peace, and freedom.

I want to help others uncover their veils and reveal their True Self to the world.

#3: Renew

I want to help people reach their potential so they can become the person they are capable of being, and this is achieved through nurture and growth, what I term “Spiritual Renewal“.

#4: Realignment

I want to help people discover their Life Purpose and live it, what I term “Finding Your NICHE“, so they can realign with their greatest purpose and live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

These 4 things—Renaissance, Reveal, Renew, Realign—are how I want to help other people lift the mind fog and get clarity of the path they want to take and the confidence to walk that path.

These 4 R’s act as my True North, keeping me motivated and on course every day, whether the going is sunny and smooth, or the going is stormy and rough.

Especially when the going is stormy and rough, and when I get to wondering why I’m putting in all this hard work.

As well as being the reason why I get up in the morning and doing what I do, they are also the backbone of my books, courses, workshops, online resources, and coaching and mentoring programs.

Being You Read More

Everything I write about and embed into my content can be summarised in what I call my 4 Foundational Elements:

      • #1 Love Life
      • #2 Love Yourself
      • #3 Love What You Do
      • #4 Love Others (as you would love yourself)

I want to teach others to love life with all their heart, all their strength, and all their mind. Because from the love of life comes the fullness and joy of life.

I want to teach others to be their own best friend and love themselves so they can stop the self-sabotage and reach their potential and become the person they are capable of being.

I want to teach others to find their passion and love what they do so they can live to work and not have to work to live.

Finally, I want to teach others The Golden Rule:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

In other words, treat others as you would treat yourself so you can help build a world that is loving, kind, generous, compassionate, and inclusive.

What better foundation can you have to build your success and become the person you want to be?

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