The value of service

Power Habit #3: Other People Thinking – The Value of Service

Your Attitude Toward Life

You will begin to be more successful and effective when you realise that the spark that ignites the flame is your mental attitude toward Life.

Life waits for you to give it what it needs to return the favour. Like starting your car engine, Life cannot mobilise and propel you forward without you first putting the key in the ignition.

As Earl Nightingale reminds us:

“Your attitude to Life determines Life’s attitude to you.”

Got a poor attitude? Always want something for nothing? Not prepared to do more than you absolutely have to?

Then Life will reflect your inner world back to you. Your external return will be in direct proportion to your inner attitude, and you will probably not be given membership to The 5% Club.

Got a good attitude? Always happy to put the effort in? Always prepared to do more than what you’re asked to do?

Then Life will reflect your inner world back to you. Your external return will be in direct proportion to your inner attitude, and you will most likely be given admission to The 5% Club, if you are not already a Life Member.

When you gain membership to The 5% Club and are welcomed through the doors into the community of success, the first thing you will notice is the attitude of all those who are there.

They don’t have a ‘What’s in it for me?” attitude. They don’t have a scarcity mindset, of competing for every morsel of food like a junkyard dog, of believing that it’s every man, woman and child for themselves.

They have a “What can I do for you?” attitude. They have an abundance mindset, of creating more of what’s good for everyone, of wanting success for every man, woman and child. Because success for others is their success.

Truly successful people have an attitude of Other People Thinking.

When asked what he thought the purpose of life was, Einstein replied, “To serve others.”

Are you at that place yet? Are you thinking like a truly successful person? Do you have the attitude that will get you membership to The 5% Club?

Most people don’t. They want the effect before they put in the cause. They want to have before they give.

They want to arrive at their destination before they leave.

But remember you must first think like a successful person (cause) before the world reflects success back to you (effect).

It isn’t difficult, but like my younger self running down the hospital corridor late for the ward round, it does require a subtle change of mindset. Your world isn’t going to change until you do.

Your world isn’t going to change until you develop Other People Thinking.

Other People Thinking

Essentially, as the successful person you want and intend to be, there are 3 main conditions of Other People Thinking that you will need to be mindful of and seek to develop:

      1. Your role and purpose toward others.
      2. Your attitude and intention toward others.
      3. Your actions and behaviours toward others.

Developing and maintaining Other People Thinking is essential if your intent is to be more successful and impactful.

You are not an island. Everything you have is because other people were involved in giving you what you now have, and they will be needed now and in the future to get what you want and become the person you want to be.

You can’t do it alone. You can’t do anything alone.

Just think of the food you’ll eat for dinner. The vegetables were grown by a farmer. The meat was processed in an abattoir. The bread was baked by a baker. You probably purchased the food from a supermarket, grocer, or butcher, or it was delivered to you. You used a car or public transport to get to the supermarket, which required roads and petrol and electricity that had to be built by somebody.

The point is, we are all interdependent on other people. We need other people for the things we have, and other people need us for the service we give or the products we help make. Every community, every town, every city in the world relies on other people.

To think otherwise or to believe you’ve done everything yourself is false and can only accentuate your failure and limit your membership to The 5% Club.

The most successful people in life know this, and they have worked out the most important aspect of success:

How to serve others to the best of their abilities.

Which is why developing the habit of Other People Thinking is the third Power Habit of Success, and you build this habit by:

      • #1: Identifying Your Area of Service—your ‘I Am’
      • #2: Developing Your Mindset of Service—your ‘I Will’
      • #3: Adding Value Through Your Service—your ‘I Can’

Power Element Value

Power Element—Value (*From The Power of YOU! How to Manifest the Life You Want by Dr. Scott Zarcinas)

The above diagram explains how your Imagination, Intention, and Attitude align to build your value:

      • Identity: the overlap where your Imagination and Intention align is where you identify your role in your area of service—your ‘I Am’.
      • Purpose: the overlap where your Intention and Attitude align is where you develop your mindset of service—your ‘I Will’.
      • Conviction: the overlap where your Attitude and Imagination align is where you add value through your delivery of service—your ‘I Can’.

The value of who you want to be and what you want to do is in the central overlap where the three components of your Area of Service (I Am), Mindset of Service (I Will), and Delivery of Service (I Can) merge and align as one Power Element called Value.

The Power Habit of Other People Thinking is how you develop this Power Element. It’s how you make your life valuable.

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