What Do You Really Want? Why Success Comes to Those Who Have Clarity

It’s surprising that few people know what they want or what they want to achieve.

Most people know what they don’t want, but many struggle with identifying what they want to do or where they want to be in 5, 10, or even 20 years’ time. What they want is vague and uncertain, their mind foggy and easily distracted.

Some simply can’t make a decision. There’s too much choice. They get overwhelmed by the decision-making process and ultimately choose not to decide on anything. For these people, the fence sitters, no choice is the best choice.

Others fear the responsibility of making a decision. Anything that requires a choice between two or more options and they fail miserably. They won’t commit to a decision because they have a distinct fear of responsibility.

But in life you can’t avoid decisions. At some point responsibility lands in your lap and demands ownership. Nor can you sit on the fence forever. Complacency is not an option if you’re committed to the Life Leadership journey, and so too is avoiding decisions.

So be brave, take responsibility, and choose what you want.

Responsible Choice

The act of choosing requires you to be crystal clear about who you are and where you’re going. It requires having 20/20 vision and precise direction.

It requires tunnel vision, to be so focussed you can’t be distracted by what other people say or think about you.

That’s why you need to be brave. Because you might alienate people close to you. You might lose the support of friends and family who don’t agree with your new direction and the choices you make. It might mean you walk alone for a period of time. It might mean you get left out in the cold for a while.

Then again, it might not. Your friends and family will probably embrace your choices. When they understand exactly what you’re trying to achieve, when they see the vision you have of yourself, they’ll probably want to support you in any way they can. They’ll want to see you achieve your personal brand of success as much as you do.

Which is why you also need to be responsible. Your vision will encompass more than just you. It will outgrow you. It will become bigger than you. You will have the responsibility of doing whatever it takes to make your vision a reality because others will be riding on your success too.

In many ways, your personal brand of success is like a child—it requires responsible parenting to grow and thrive. As its parent, you have total responsibility for its being.

You will therefore want to make sure you get it right. You will need that crystal-clear vision of how you see yourself, as well as the precise direction in which you want your life to move forward.

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Your Vision, Your Mission

Blurred vision is a common problem.

Not the kind of blurred vision that requires a prescription for corrective lenses, rather the blurred vision of who you are and what you want to achieve.

If this is something you’re struggling with, don’t worry. You’re not alone. This issue is in fact one of the main reasons this series of blogs and podcasts have come into existence: to help you get clarity of who and what you want to be and achieve the success you want.

You know you have blurred vision when you say or think things like:

  • ‘I don’t know what I want to be.’
  • ‘I don’t know what I want to do.’
  • ‘I’m not sure I’m on the right track.’
  • ‘I really have no idea where I want to be in five years’ time.’
  • ‘I want to do something else, but I don’t know what.’

Thankfully, blurred vision can be cured. If you find yourself in a situation where your future is foggy and your direction is uncertain, then your mission is to get clarity about your vision. Your vision is your mission, in other words.

For instance, my vision is to be an expert in Life Leadership and personal-development. That’s my cause, to help people become who they were born to be and do what they were meant to do.

That’s what I want to be known for. My mission to achieve that vision is to help 50,000,000 people like yourself awaken the abundance of your natural state of being within the next 15 years, hopefully sooner.

So a useful exercise to get clarity on your vision and mission is to ask yourself this question:

What do I want to be famous for?

This requires you to identify your value and worth: your value to yourself, your value to your family, your value to your work, your value to your community.

This isn’t monetary value, it’s the value that only you can bring to the table. What is it that only you can be and do?

It will help to consider the difference between product and commodity.

For instance, Coca-Cola sells black fizzy drinks, but that’s not their product, that’s their commodity. Their product is happiness. They are in the industry of selling joy and happiness to the world. The black fizzy drink is just the means (commodity) by which they deliver happiness (product).

If you are a parent, the money you earn through your work is your commodity. The product you provide your family is safety, education, entertainment, nurture, and so forth. You can drill this down to one word: wellbeing.

That’s just one role you perform. You have many roles in your personal and working life, and it’s a good exercise to work out the product you provide in each role. That’s where your value is.

For instance, as a transformational coach and mentor, my role is to provide clarity through the process of my coaching programs (commodity) so that you can achieve personal success and prosperity (product).

My coaching programs, my courses, my books, are the means by which I help you to get clarity. And clarity is the means by which you can then achieve your success and prosperity.

Once you’ve identified your vision and mission, the next step is to break down what you need to do into manageable goals.

That’s how it works: Vision, mission, goals, action.

But it all starts with clarity of who you are, who you want to be, and what you want to achieve.


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Dr. Scott Zarcinas (aka DoctorZed) is a doctor, author, and transformologist. He helps pro-active people to be more decisive, confident, and effective by developing a growth mindset so that they can maximize their full potential and become the person they are capable of being. DoctorZed gives regular workshops, seminars, presentations, and courses to support those who want to make a positive difference through positive action and live the life they want, the way they want, how they want.


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