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Have you ever felt that most of your staff in your organisation are disengaged and unproductive?

For too long we’ve been telling our staff that what happens at home shouldn’t affect their performance at work.

But unless you can be two people at once, that’s simply not achievable. Nor is it authentic.

As a doctor, author and transformologist working with thousands of clients over the past 25 years, I have found that clarity in the workplace is the key to engagement and productivity.

The latest Gallup poll found that 85% of staff are disengaged at work. This has a huge impact on productivity—and profits.

My passion is to help people get back on track and optimise their lives so they can optimise their work. And optimised staff means your business or organisation is optimised.

That’s why I created the 9-step Life Leadership program—to bridge the chasm between disengagement and purpose-driven engagement.

“[Scott] has given me clarity and insight into my personality, motivation, and ways of dealing with stress.” ~ Helen Ivich. Executive Producer. Roadman Pictures

Today more than ever, we must manage our life well so that we can bring our best self to every situation.

Now is the time to be authentic in everything we do, both at home and at work.

So book me now to bring the impact of the Life Leadership program to your organisation.




Mastering the Life Leadership Principles


Despite the rapid advances in science and technology over the last six decades, life hasn’t become easier—it’s become more difficult and problematic.

People go to work, pay the bills, get married, start a family, travel maybe once a year for a brief holiday, and before they know it decades have passed.

They start to ask themselves, ‘What the heck happened? Why didn’t I achieve what I wanted to achieve?’

They look at others who have been promoted above them, and think, Where’s my promotion?

These are the people who are disengaged at work and unproductive. They turn up late every morning. They take more sick days than everyone else. They have that vacant look in their eyes every time you talk to them.

And no wonder. They feel stuck in a rut and trapped in a life they don’t know how to change.

I know the feeling. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There is an alternative.

“Scott has a wealth of knowledge… I feel re-energised and refocused on where I want to head this year.” ~ Catherine Middleton, author of Time to Think Big!

The Life Leadership program is designed to maximise the potential of every one of your staff, and to help them rise above their struggles to become a successful and engaged team member.

Because when they feel empowered in themselves, they bring that empowerment to your organisation.


Here’s What You and Your Staff Will LEARN in the Program


> How your thoughts determine your perception of the world—and how to change them.

> How to stop procrastination killing your productivity—and what to do about it.

> How to realign your values, purpose and passion with what you do.

> The 4 Tenets of Success—and how they skyrocket your productivity.

> The Happiness Formula (H = S + C + V) that will empower you to handle stressful situations.

> The 3 main barriers to success (and yes, it’s all in your mind) and how to overcome them.

> How to overcome the fear of failure and the fear of success.

> How to use your whole brain to achieve the results you want as only 3% of the world can do.

> Responsibility, Accountability, Commitment—and why no permanent success is possible without them…

Here’s What You and Your Staff Will Be Able to DO AFTER the Program


> Confidently take action to achieve success.

> Courageously push through your fears and self-limiting beliefs.

> Defeat procrastination and make results happen.

> Be resilient in the face of adversity and challenges.

> Create winning habits and improve productivity.

> Release the inner power and confidence that you already have…

“I became aware of something really beneficial: your thoughts create your experience… I must say, you are a good teacher.” ~ Sumita Wahi, SA education



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