The Power of YOU! How to Manifest the Life You Want

Self-Belief, Courage & Conviction!
Featuring 4 Power Habits of Success.


For every 20 babies that are born, only one of them will be deemed ‘successful’ at the age of 65—only 5% of the population.

But those in The 5% Club are no different from anyone else. They have just learned the secret of success, which you can too.

The secret is this: Success is merely a habit. A habit of right thinking. A habit of right being. A habit of right doing.

When you get your habits right, your membership to The 5% Club is guaranteed.

This book is your go-to manual if:

  • You need to get off the hamster wheel and start living.
  • You want to thrive, not just survive.
  • You seek the know-how to manifest the life you want.

“Let life happen for you, not to you!”


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