Session 3: Redefine Your Fear (of Failure)

BreakThrough System-Step 1

The next step in breaking through your barriers is to redefine your fears.


How did you go with identifying any patterns of ineffective thinking? Did your BreakThrough Journal reveal anything surprising?

The previous training sessions have now laid the foundation for you to build your own 4-step BreakThrough SystemTM, which will be your personally tailored solution to being more effective and excelling at what you do.

Just to recap what you’ve achieved so far:

  1. The BreakThrough Persona Quiz revealed the ‘Who in You’.
  2. The Lotto Test helped you identify what you really ‘Want’.
  3. The BreakThrough Journal has revealed ‘What’ your main excuses, avoidance behaviours, and distractions are, as well as the ‘Where & When’ these tend to occur.

These steps are vital before you can set up your 4-step BreakThrough SystemTM, so if you haven’t already completed the previous sessions, click or tap here to go back to review and complete Session 1 or Session 2.

If you’ve already completed Sessions 1 and 2, you’re now ready to create your tailored, 4-step BreakThrough SystemTM, which will be the focus of the next 4 Excellerater Training Sessions.


BreakThrough SystemTM Phase 1:

Redefine Your Fear (of Failure)


The first phase in creating your BreakThrough SystemTM is redefining your fear of failure.

Fear is the most common cause of inaction and ineffectiveness, and is also the number 1 cause of procrastination.

There are many types of fear, of which the fear of failure is highest on the list.

If you identify as a Habitual Hesitator, fear is probably a major barrier for you.

But even if you identify with another BreakThrough Persona type (Day Dreamer, Impulsive Investor, Sensitive Soul), you will still resonate with how fear can derail your plans and limit your effectiveness.

Because it is such a common issue, we will focus mainly on the fear of failure.

This may sound contradictory, but you have to want to fail in order to succeed. Successful people redefine their fears and give themselves permission to fail more. High achievers fail a lot, and the most successful people are those who have failed the most.

Michael Jordan claimed he missed 10,000 shots in his basketball career, and that’s why he was a success. Colonel Sanders’ recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken was rejected 1009 times before he found a willing backer.

To break through your barriers and succeed in your endeavours, you therefore need to change your perception of what failure means. Doing so enables you to ‘fail forward’ and achieve the things you really want to achieve.

This attitude of embracing failure as a process for being more effective is encapsulated in the belief that your failures are stepping-stones to your success. But if you don’t try, you can’t achieve what you want to. You can’t succeed. Which is why you need to bypass the barriers preventing you from trying.

And, more often than not, your biggest barrier is the fear of failure (or the fear of success). As John C. Maxwell said:

“When achievers fail, they see it as a momentary event, not a lifelong epidemic. Procrastination is a too high price to pay for fear of failure… Recognize that you will spend much of your life making mistakes. If you can take action and keep making mistakes, you gain experience.”

Procrastination is a too high price to pay for the fear of failure!

The first step in your BreakThrough SystemTM is therefore to ask yourself 3 important questions. These questions will help you to redefine what failure means to you:

  1. Do you see failure as fatal? If so, why?
  2. Do you see failure as an attack to your personal identity, as a weakness?
  3. Is failure something to be avoided at all costs?

The first question helps you to nullify your natural, instinctive reaction to failure.

The second question helps you to nullify your emotional reaction to failure.

The third question helps you to question your beliefs about failure.

So use your failures to motivate you to do what you want to do. Like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, your success is found at the end of all your failures.

Phase 1 of Your Personally Tailored

BreakThrough SystemTM


Task: Write Down How You Will Redefine Your Fear


What do you need to do to achieve this?
How will you do this?
Who will help you?
When and Where will you do this?
Why is this necessary?

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