Session 5: Refine Your Values

BreakThrough System-Step 3

Congratulations on completing Step 2 of your personally tailored BreakThrough SystemTM, which means you’re more than halfway to breaking through procrastination once and for all. (Click or tap here if you haven’t completed the first two steps in your BreakThrough SystemTM.)

As we discussed in the previous session, everyone does something for a payoff, which is usually your reason or purpose for doing something.

But when the payoff doesn’t meet your expectations, you become frustrated and demotivated and stop doing what you know you should be doing. You procrastinate!

In Step 2, your task was to download the Procrastination Matrix and identify your ‘highest value activities’, the most rewarding activities where you get most bang for your buck.

When you get rewarded for what you do, you get motivated to keep doing it.

But getting the payoff is only part of the solution because the focus of your thoughts also determines how successful you are at breaking through procrastination.

Therefore, if you are procrastinating, you also need to refine how you think.

In this session, your task is therefore to analyse the core values you hold—and why these values either propel you to success or hold you back.

So let’s get straight to Step 3.

BreakThrough SystemTM Step 3: Refine Your Values


The third step in creating your BreakThrough SystemTM is to refine your values.

If you identify as an Impulsive Investor, becoming overwhelmed with work and feeling powerless is probably a major cause of procrastination for you.

But even if you identify with another Procrastinator Persona type (Habitual Hesitator, Day DreamerSensitive Soul), you will still resonate with how a lack of values can cause you to react unconsciously to situations without due consideration, which can cause you to feel stressed and to procrastinate.

Part of the process of breaking through procrastination, therefore, is to bypass your natural instincts.

You do this by identifying the higher principles by which you want to live and by honouring those values through your actions and behaviour.

You can then start responding with reason and definiteness of purpose instead of reacting on instinct, giving you the impetus to move in the direction that’s right for you.

As Einstein once said:

“The ideals which have always shone before me and filled me with the joy of living are goodness, beauty, and truth.”

Your values are the standards to which you hold yourself accountable, a collection of guiding principles that you deem essential to live by, such as honesty, liberty, equality, and love.

Community and personal values generally fall under 7 Life Aspiration categories (see The Value Circle below): Family & Relationships, Career & Work, Money & Finances, Health & Wellbeing, Learning & Education, Fun & Adventure, and Spirituality & Ethics (or morals).

The Value Circle

So, your task for this session is to use The Value Circle to refine your values by identifying at least one community value and one personal value that you hold as the highest principle by which you want to live.

Then determine whether there are ways you can better align your thoughts, emotions, and behaviours with these principles.

The more aligned you are with your values, the less you will procrastinate, the less stress you will feel, and the more happiness and wellbeing you will experience.


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