Session 6: Realign Your Goals

BreakThrough System-Step 4

The final step in breaking through is realigning your goals with your values.


Congratulations on completing Phase 3 of your personally tailored BreakThrough SystemTM, which means this is the last step to breaking through your barriers. (Click or tap here if you haven’t completed Phase 1, 2 or 3 of your BreakThrough SystemTM.)

As we discussed in the previous session, the more aligned you are with your values, the less anxiety, stress and worry you will feel, and the more happiness and wellbeing you will experience. The more effective you will be.

But unless you are consciously aware of your values, and unless you consciously align with your highest principles, you will instinctively and unconsciously react to situations without due consideration, which can limit your effectiveness.

In Session 5:Refine Your Values, your task was to use the 7 Life Segments to identify and rank one community and one personal value that you hold as the highest principle by which you want to live.

When you value what you do, you assign importance and worth to it, and this will motivate you to keep doing it.

But unless you honour those values and principles with your thoughts and behaviour, you will not be as effective as you want to be.

Therefore, you also need to realign your goals with your values, which will build self-belief and confidence, essential ingredients for breaking through procrastination and the successful accomplishment of what you really want to achieve (see Session 2: Getting Clarity).

So let’s get straight to Phase 4, the final step in building your tailored BreakThrough SystemTM.


BreakThrough SystemTM Phase 4:

Realign Your Goals


The fourth and final step in creating your BreakThrough SystemTM is to realign your goals with your values.

If you identify as a Sensitive Soul, the imposter in your head causing you to doubt yourself is probably a major barrier for you.

But even if you identify with another BreakThrough Persona type (Habitual Hesitator, Day Dreamer, Impulsive Investor), you will still resonate with how the lack of confidence in your own abilities is like a handbrake slowing you down and limiting your effectiveness.

The final step in your BreakThrough SystemTM is to build your self-belief and confidence by setting goals that align with your values and highest principles.

In the Life Leaders club, we teach that GOALS:

  1. Generate motivation
  2. Overcome obstacles
  3. Account for action
  4. Leverage time, money, resources, and effort
  5. Specify results

But when your goals are aligned with your values, their power to break through your barriers is magnified.

David Schwartz, author of the bestselling self-help book, The Magic of Thinking Big, said:

“The individual who fails to set long-range goals will most certainly be just another person lost in life’s struggle. Without goals, we cannot grow.”

When setting goals, though, balance is always the best option. Too much focus on material or financial gain, for instance, can result in disillusionment.

Balance is the key, and to achieve a balanced life you need balanced goals.

This is where your values step in, because they give you balance. It’s also why you were asked to do the exercise in Session 5 to clarify your values. Clarification of your values gives you a framework with which you can prepare a balanced set of goals.

Your final step now is to establish a balance in the 7 Life Segments of your life.


The Value Circle - 7 Life Segments


Consider some important goals within these 7 Life Segments:

  1. Family & Relationships: e.g. more time, volunteering, charity, forgiveness
  2. Career & Work e.g. work/life balance, training, passion, remuneration
  3. Money & Finances e.g. mortgage, business, retirement
  4. Health & Wellbeing e.g. nutrition, fitness, gratitude, peace of mind
  5. Learning & Education e.g. professional development, learning a language or musical instrument, DIY
  6. Fun & Adventure e.g. reconnecting with nature, taking holidays, smiling more
  7. Spirituality & Ethics (or morals) e.g. integrity, mindfulness, big picture thinking

There are many more goals than the ones just listed, and your task now is to identify and list one goal that aligns with the highest principle by which you want to live (that you identified in Session 5: Refine Your Values) in each of the 7 Life Segments.

Of these 7 goals, rank them in order of importance from 1 – 7 (1 is most important, 7 is least important).

Then, of the top 3 goals in your list, determine whether there are ways you can better align them with your values by asking yourself these questions:

  1. Are my goals action orientated?
  2. Do my goals fill me with enthusiasm?
  3. Do my goals point me in the direction I really want to go?

If you can answer ‘Yes’ to all 3, your goals will align with your values and you will discover how much more self-belief and confident you will become as a result.

If you answered ‘No’ to any or all of these questions, this is a sign that you will need to go back and work on your goals and consider ways in which you can align them with the values that you deem important.

It’s now up to you to live the life you want, the way you want, how you want.

Phase 4 of Your Personally Tailored

BreakThrough SystemTM


Task: Write Down How You Will Realign Your Top 3 Goals With Your Highest Values


What do you need to do to achieve this?
How will you do this?
Who will help you?
When and Where will you do this?
Why is this necessary?

Your Personal BreakThrough SystemTM: A Final Word


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