The BreakThrough System Course: How to Stop Procrastinating & Start Achieving

Time: 4x 90-Minute Sessions (Live and Online Courses Available)

In this engaging workshop, DoctorZed addresses the science of procrastination—why we all do it and how to stop procrastinating and start achieving.

Have you ever wanted to do something but were too distracted to finish?

Is the fear of the unknown stopping you from doing what you want to do?

Do you feel overwhelmed with what’s required to complete your tasks?

Don’t worry, most people procrastinate and put off what they should do! This course is designed to help you understand why you procrastinate, what you can do to break the cycle, and how to develop the habits for success.

When you finally stop procrastinating and start to prioritise, you can learn to feel more confident and satisfied with what you are doing and achieve the goals that matter most.

This Course Is Available Live and Online


What Others Are Saying About the Course

“The [Breaking Through Procrastination] course has really helped me to break things down into manageable chunks so that I can deal with the business management side of things and get on top and not feel so overwhelmed.” Kirsty Roney, Owner, PhysioWise

The following topics will be covered:

  • why people procrastinate and how to break through the barriers limiting you
  • different types of procrastination and how to identify them
  • the BreakThrough System formula to break the cycle of bad habits and stop procrastinating
  • the Life Leadership approach to improving your productivity and performance

On completing this course you will be able to:

  • identify and understand your real reasons for procrastinating
  • break the cycle of procrastination to become more productive and achieve your goals
  • learn to feel less overwhelmed through prioritisation
  • implement effective and efficient habits to improve work/life harmony and satisfaction
  • develop a tailored action plan to proactively achieve your goals in work and life




Course Curriculum – 4x 90-Minute Sessions

Download Procrastination Course Curriculum


Day 1: The 3 Barriers

It has been said that we over-estimate what we can achieve in a day, and underestimate what we can achieve in a lifetime.

But what stops you achieving? What prevents you from fulfilling your true potential? What limits your success?

For most, it’s procrastination. In this introductory session, you will self-analyse the 3 barriers to achievement and success—and why procrastination is the killer of productivity.

At the end of the session, you will have developed the tools to understand the deeper motivations of your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviours.

Concepts covered in Session One:

  • Why people fail to achieve
  • The 3 Barriers to success
  • The 4 Quadrants of Procrastination
  • Self-limiting beliefs and behaviours
Day 2: Redefining Failure

The No. 1 cause of procrastination is fear—and the most common fear is the fear of failure.

Yet we are only born with 3 fears. Which means our fear of failure is learned.

In this second session, you will discover and analyse the main fears that hold you back—and why these fears perpetuate a cycle of non-achievement and failure.

You will learn the basic premise of ‘unlearning’ your fears, and how you can use the 4-step formula  of ‘FACE Your Fear’ to break the cycle of failure and create a life of achievement, success and fulfilment.

Concepts covered in this final session:

  • Redefining your Fear of Failure
  • The Principle of Maximum Error
  • The 3 Natural Fears
  • How to FACE your Fear and Overcome It


Day 3: Refining Your Values

The focus of your thoughts determines your experience. Therefore, if you are not achieving the results you wish, you need to refine how you think.

In this third session, you will discover and analyse the core values you hold—and why these values either propel you to success or hold you back.

You will learn the basic premise of ‘refining your values’, and how you can use The Value Circle to identify your true motivation for achievement, success and fulfilment.

Concepts covered in this final session:

  • Refining your Core Values
  • The RETAINED Model
  • The Value Pack
  • Your Value Statement
Day 4: Realigning Your Goals

The most successful people know the power of goal setting. Yet 97% of people do not do the 1 thing that will skyrocket their success—they do not set goals.

In this final session, you will discover the science behind goal setting—and why goals that are aligned with your values are the antidote to procrastination.

You will learn the basic premise of ‘realigning your goals’ and how you can use 100% of your brain to maximise your success.

Concepts covered in this final session:

  • 100% Goal Setting
  • The REALIGNED Model
  • The 7 Life Goals
  • 21-Day Empowered Habits




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