FollowThrough to Succeed: Live the Life You Want, the Way You Want, How You Want

FollowThrough & Prosper



Time: 4x Weekly 90-minute Sessions (21 Days)—Live & Online Courses Available

In this course, DoctorZed addresses the science of success—how to break through limiting beliefs and behaviours, and fulfil your greatest ambitions.

Have you reached the point where your ideal life or career has become just a wishful dream that may never happen?

Are you resigned to never experiencing the success you crave?

Do you feel your home or work life could be more than what you currently experience?

Don’t worry, most people feel this way. This program is designed to help you understand the power of a positive mindset, how to realign who you want to be with the success you want to achieve, and how to live the life you want, the way you want, how you want.

The FollowThrough Protocol covers:

      • why most people fail to live the life they want and how to change it
      • how to get clarity of the life you want, who you want to be, and build the confidence to grow into that vision
      • the FollowThrough formula to break through self-limiting beliefs and behaviours and fulfill your greatest ambitions
      • the Life Leadership approach to creating a life of abundance and success

On completing this course you will be able to:

      • identify what’s stopping you from fulfilling your major goals
      • transform negative mental attitudes into positive mental attributes of success
      • define what personal and professional success means for you in each of the 7 Life Segments
      • implement effective strategies to achieve work/life success and fulfillment
      • develop a tailored FollowThrough Protocol to proactively succeed in work and in life



Course Curriculum – 4 Days


Session 1: The Game of Life

Are you highly successful, moderately successful, or not at all successful? Are you happy with the level of your success? Is there something holding you back?

As with most things in life, the 80:20 rule applies in your level of success: 20% of factors limiting your success are outside your control, and 80% of limiting factors are within you.

But this is good news. You can control 80% of the factors implicit in your success. No matter where you’re at or what you’ve achieved, no matter your age, sex or race, you hold the key to
your future prosperity. Nobody else. Not even your circumstances—because life-circumstances don’t make or break who you are, they reveal who you are.

And knowing who you really are—your character, values, and being—is the first step in becoming successful.

Who you are determines your level of success. It starts with you!

Concepts covered in Session One:

  • What successful people know and most others don’t
  • The Game of Life and how to win
  • The Diamond Triangle and the 3 Golden Rules
  • The 4 Tenets of Success
Session 2: Focus Your Thoughts

It has been said that we over-estimate what we can achieve in a day, and underestimate what we can achieve in a lifetime.

But what stops you from achieving what you want? What prevents you from fulfilling your true potential? What limits your success?

For most, it’s how you think.

The focus of your thoughts determines your experience. If you focus on what you don’t want, that’s what you’ll get. If you focus on what you want, that too is what you’ll get.

Therefore, if you are not achieving the results you wish, you need to refocus on what you want—you need to refine how you think.

In this session, you will self-analyse the barriers to a positive mindset—and why a positive mental attitude is your key to success.

Concepts covered in this session:

  • Re-You-Able Energy
  • When you find your THING, you find your NICHE
  • The power of intention
  • The Attitudes of Abundant Living


Session 3: Watch How You SPEAK

You control your thoughts, emotions, and behaviours through your awareness of them.

Depending on how successful you are now or will become depends on how your 3 levels of awareness (sub-conscious, conscious, and supra-conscious) interact with one another.

Your sense of awareness, therefore, determines your level of success—it is the key to living a life of abundance and prosperity.

It’s vital, therefore, to understand how all your levels of consciousness function and whether they are in harmony or disharmony.

Concepts covered in this session:

  • Mind, body, spirit: Current self Vs Ideal self
  • Awareness levels and energy planes
  • Watch How You SPEAK
  • Standing to attention: Watch, Listen, Observe
Session 4: The Power of Purpose & Perspective

Losing weight. Getting fitter. Stopping smoking. Drinking less alcohol. Eat healthier. Writing that book. Going on holiday.

These are some of the usual GOALS that you might have set yourself to achieve in the next 12 months or so.

There are others, of course, but what they share in common with many of the goals we set is a lack of completion.

We start out with good intentions. We hit the gym. We avoid fast food. We de-tox. We start writing.

But then the weeks pass and all our good intentions are a distant memory. We fall back into the habits of old and forget the commitments we made to ourselves.

In this final session, you will self-analyse the negative forces that prevent you from taking action—and how to transform your barriers to success into gateways to abundance.

Concepts covered in this final session:

  • The power of purpose and 100% commitment
  • Your world changes when your perspective changes
  • Life rewards action—anything worth having is worth working for
  • Success is in the follow-through—today is the foundation of tomorrow




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