Empowered Living

A Strange and Open Secret

Dr. Scott ZarcinasSince 2008 I have been helping people achieve their personal-development and emotional-management goals through the practice and philosophy of Empowered Living.

Empowered Living is non-other than the specific knowledge of achievement, success and fulfillment. It is a universal and repetitive theme embedded throughout the world’s religions, New-Age thinking, modern psychology, and Eastern and Western philosophy.

Fortunately, this knowledge is not classified information restricted to a few enlightened gurus, successful entrepreneurs or political powerbrokers. Rather, it is a great and fundamental wisdom available to each and every one of us.

The principles and teachings of Empowered Living are based on 4 Tenets:

1. The Knowledge of Plenitude

2. The Knowledge of Your Natural State of Being

3. The Knowledge of Forgetfulness

4. The Knowledge of the Attitudes of Abundant Living

So why isn’t everybody using it?

It is one of life’s mysteries why the knowledge of Empowered Living remains unused and overlooked by the mainstream majority, even though it is readily available. Perhaps this is why Rumi, the 13th Century Persian poet, called this special insight “The Open Secret”, and why Earl Nightingale, founder of modern-day personal-development in the 1950s, called it “The Strange Secret”.

I am devoted to bringing the knowledge of Empowered Living—the specific knowledge of achievement, success and fulfillment—to people of all ages. It is my intent to help uplift you to the abundance and fullness that life has to offer using this strange and open secret.

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