Are You Surviving or Thriving

From Surviving to Thriving: Unveiling the Key Differences in Your Journey to Success

There have always been two types of people in this world: those who are surviving, and those who are thriving, and this has only been magnified by the COVID pandemic.

Those who are just SURVIVING are barely keeping their heads above water, just trying to breathe and make it through to the next day.

The bills mount up. Time is always against them. Nothing seems to work. They are constantly overwhelmed and inundated, barely able to make ends meet.

Or they feel like hamsters on a wheel, running, running, running, doing so much work but not actually moving forward or getting ahead, simply getting exhausted and burning out.

The Flea Circus

But those who are THRIVING are the complete opposite. They work smarter, not harder. They don’t just do things right, they do the right things, which makes them effective and successful.

They are growing and expanding despite the negative conditions of their environment and the world. They feel strong, they feel safe, they feel creative, they feel energised, they feel free. The world is their oyster.

But in reality, there’s another identifiable type between surviving and thriving, and these are the people who are REVIVING.

They’re finally emerging out of their difficulties, but they’re not thriving just yet, and neither are they barely surviving. They are delicately balanced.

Like saplings hesitantly poking through the ground, they are still quite delicate and vulnerable. They are full of potential, but as yet it is not fully realised.

Surviving to Thriving

Then again, there’s another type who is actually in a situation worse than surviving, and they are the ones who are DIVING.

They are either on a slow, slippery slope downward, or they are spiralling and plunging downward.

The days hold no joy. Life is futile. There is no light at the end of the tunnel. They are almost ready to give up.

These people need help just to even survive.

Being You Read More

And then there are those who are on the complete opposite side of the spectrum, the ones who are doing even better than thriving—these people are JIVING.

They are growing exponentially. Every day gets better and better. They succeed for all the right reasons.

They care about others, they want to be part of ‘something bigger’.

They fully embrace life, with all its ups and downs, grabbing it with both hands and running with it as far as it will take them.

These people have ‘I Am Success’ written across their foreheads and are the envy of all other people.

But here’s the key: 

Your position on this diving-to-jiving spectrum doesn’t determine your degree of success—your PROGRESS does.

The secret to progressing and living the life you want is in the system.

There are only a few key steps BUT if you do one of them wrong — you will automatically slide backward no matter what you do and you won’t know why it’s happening.

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