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Power Habit #2: Courage & Confidence – Identifying Your Value & Self-Worth

Identifying Your Value & Self-Worth—I Am

When you know what you want to achieve, you know what you must become in order to achieve it.

Identify Your Value and Self-Worth

Identify Your Value & Self-Worth—I Am (*From The Power of YOU! How to Manifest the Life You Want by Dr. Scott Zarcinas)

Want to help find a cure for cancer? Then you’ll need to become a doctor or nurse to treat patients with cancer, or a scientific researcher to organise the studies and examine the data, or a philanthropist to fund the research.

Want to help eradicate worldwide poverty, hunger or suffering? Then you’ll need to align yourself with a charity like World Vision or Doctors Without Borders, or become involved with international organisations like the World Health Organization and UNICEF.

Or maybe you have ambitions to act more locally and support those most vulnerable in your community, like the elderly, disabled, homeless, disadvantaged minorities, abused children. Then you’ll need to become a healthcare worker, or social worker, or counselor, or even a volunteer at your local community or religious centre. You might even consider becoming a lawyer and dedicate yourself to advocating for disadvantaged groups.

You might want to educate underprivileged teenagers, or share the word of God, or deliver babies. Then you’ll need to become a teacher, or preacher, or midwife.

Or you might just wish to create works of art that reflect the goodness, truth and beauty you see in the world. Or write an inspirational book, or compose and play music that lifts the emotions of those who hear your lyrics and tunes. Then you’ll need to become a painter, writer, or musician.

Or you might just want to become a mother or father, wife or husband or partner, and create a home in which love, happiness, good memories, and optimism grow and abound like a well-tended garden. Then you must become a person of value, wisdom, patience, self-sacrifice, and dedication.


Yet whatever you decide you want to become and want to achieve, identifying your self-worth is integral to how successful you will be.

If you don’t value your abilities and don’t value what you are doing, or even the outcome of what you are doing, then any consequent results will reflect that lack of value. It’s again the Law of Cause and Effect at work.

If you devalue the cause (who you are and what you do), the effect will be devalued (the results). The value of the effect is dependent on the value you place upon the cause.

If you don’t believe you are capable of achieving anything of value, how you see yourself will reflect that lack of value—you will believe you’re not good enough or not clever enough or not rich enough to be successful.

If you don’t believe the outcome of your endeavours has any intrinsic meaning or worthiness, how you feel about that outcome will reflect that lack of value—you simply won’t care what happens, and what you do will be meaningless.

On the other hand, those who have a strong sense of value in who they are as a human being and a strong sense of value of their role tend to attract success.

Whoever they are, successful people feel they are valuable. They feel who they are is worthy. Whatever they do, successful people feel it has value. They feel what they do is worthy.

This heightened sense of value and self-worth is something unsuccessful people tend to lack. Rather, they tend to have a shallow sense of self-worth and don’t know their true value.

Whereas successful people trust themselves and don’t rely on others or their circumstances to determine their value or worth, unsuccessful people invariably don’t trust themselves and therefore rely on other people and circumstances to determine their perceived value or worth. They have very little self-credibility.

Credibility is a word that will help you identify your value and self-worth. When you give yourself credibility, you are actually giving yourself credit.

Credit has a value. It has worth. If you have high credibility, you have high credit. You have high value and worth. If you have low credibility, you have low credit. You have low value and worth.

So finding and identifying your value and self-worth is simply a matter of giving yourself credit.


When you find your credibility, you feel credible on all levels of being: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. You literally feel incredible.

Self-worth therefore comes from validating yourself, which is valuing who you are and valuing what you do. The equation is simple:

Self-Worth = Value of Being + Value of Doing

Any depreciation in your evaluation of who you are as a person and what you do in your day-to-day life will automatically depreciate your sense of validity and self-worth.

Any lack of validity and self-worth has direct consequences on your levels of credibility, and therefore your success.

But the strongest sense of validity and self-worth is not built on what you achieve or by your outward successes, it is built on the intrinsic value you place on who you are.

Nobody can validate you other than the validation you give yourself. Nobody can give you self-worth other than the self-worth you give yourself. Nobody can give you value other than the value you give yourself.

The best investment, therefore, is internal, to invest in who you are being while you are doing what you do. Your Imagination, Intention, and Attitude are under your control, nobody else’s control.

So start being valuable to yourself. Start imagining that you are valuable. Start with the intention that you are valuable. Start with the attitude that you are valuable.

Start by saying, “I am a person of value. I will be a person of value. I can be a person of value.”

Then you will build your sense of validity and self-worth. Your confidence and courage will grow. You will feel of value to yourself.

When you feel of value to yourself, you will be of value to others. When you are of value to others, what you do will be of value to others.

Because value starts with you.

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