Life Leadership—The Life You Want. The Way You Want. How You Want.



Imagine What You Could Achieve With Your Own Life Leadership Personal Coach…

Have you ever felt that your life could be so much more than what it is now?

For too long we have been taught that only the rich and powerful can live the life they want, the way they want, and how they want.

But that’s not true. We all know that money can’t buy happiness.

As a doctor, author and mentor working with thousands of clients over the past 25 years, I have found that clarity is the key to prosperity and abundance.

My passion is to help people get back on track with their lives by getting very clear on who they are, what they want, why they do it, and how to do it.

That’s why I created the 9-step Life Leadership program—so that you too can live the life you want, the way you want, and how you want.

Today more than ever, we must take back control of our lives before it’s too late.

Now is the time to become the person you were meant to be and live the life you always dreamed you would.

So join me now on the Life Leadership journey to prosperity.

“This was incredible for me to learn about… the ‘Why’ behind what I do, learning what causes my actions. Now I’m going to think much bigger.” Bec Normington, Office Manager, Kodo Technologies

Here’s What You Will LEARN in the Program


> How your thoughts determine your perception of the world—and how to change them.

> How to stop procrastination killing your productivity—and what to do about it.

> How to realign your values, purpose and passion with what you do.

> The 4 Tenets of Success—and how they skyrocket your productivity.

> The Happiness Formula (H = S + C + V) that will empower you to handle stressful situations.

> The 3 main barriers to success (and yes, it’s all in your mind) and how to overcome them.

> How to overcome the fear of failure and the fear of success.

> How to use your whole brain to achieve the results you want as only 3% of the world can do.

> Responsibility, Accountability, Commitment—and why no permanent success is possible without them…

Here’s What You Will Be Able to DO AFTER the Program


> Confidently take action to achieve success.

> Courageously push through your fears and self-limiting beliefs.

> Defeat procrastination and make results happen.

> Be resilient in the face of adversity and challenges.

> Create winning habits and improve productivity.

> Release the inner power and confidence that you already have…

“I became aware of something really beneficial: your thoughts create your experience… I must say, you are a good teacher.” ~ Sumita Wahi, SA education



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