BreakThrough Persona Mindset Type 1: Habitual Hesitater

Procrastinator Persona Type 1: Habitual Hesitater


Congratulations on taking the My BreakThrough Persona Quiz and identifying your BreakThrough mindset type.

You are now on the road to greater confidence, achievement, and effectiveness.

Knowing your mindset type as a “Habitual Hesitater” is the first step to breaking through your barriers and being more effective.

As a Habitual Hesitater, you have a lot to offer the world. Unfortunately, your talents go unused or unutilised because of one major roadblock—fear.

Fear prevents you from trying new things and being effective. You prefer what’s known to what’s unknown. You don’t like going outside your comfort zone, and you don’t like deadlines or being time-pressured. You also tend to be a bit of a perfectionist.

Hard work and effort is not the issue; it is vulnerability.

When opportunities present, you are hesitant to grab them. You are reluctant to put your head above the trench for fear of being shot down. You won’t take the leap of faith for fear of failure.

You know that if you could just break through the fear holding you back, you’d be unstoppable. Instead, you’re wavering, hesitant to take the next step.

Figuring out how to feel less vulnerable and how to build the courage to take the leap has likely been the biggest weight limiting your effectiveness for some time.



As a Habitual Hesitator, you have unique challenges to overcome and unique solutions to those challenges:

  1. You do great work, but you don’t seem to get as noticed as your work deserves. Others get promoted ahead of you, which can add stress to your life.
  2. You’ve been wanting to do ‘something else’ for quite a while now, but you feel stuck and can’t move forward.
  3. You are probably skilled in a lot of modalities or methods, but you can’t help thinking that you could achieve a lot more if you could just get the ball rolling… and keep it rolling.
  4. You feel you can benefit others in many different and fulfilling ways than what you’re doing now, but something is preventing you from taking the leap.
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