BreakThrough Persona Mindset Type 4: Sensitive Soul

Procrastinator Persona Type 4: Sensitive Soul


Congratulations on taking the My BreakThrough Persona Quiz and identifying your BreakThrough mindset.

Knowing your mindset as a “Sensitive Soul” is the first step to breaking through your barriers and being more effective.

You are now on the road to greater confidence, achievement, and success.

You’re a Sensitive Soul, which means that you’re highly attuned to your feelings and emotions. You score high on the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) scale. You also have great empathy and understanding of others.

But it also means you’re sensitive to what others say about you and prone to self-criticism.

You have a great mind, which you use to think things through and analyse the situation, but it means you tend to withdraw into yourself, and this affects your ability to be truly effective.

You can also be your own worst enemy at times, telling yourself you’re not capable of achieving what others can, that you’re not as talented as you think you are, that you’re simply not good enough to achieve your dreams.

The imposter in your head affects your self-belief and is often the reason you don’t follow through and get things done.



As a Sensitive Soul, you have unique challenges to overcome and unique solutions to those challenges:

  1. Knowing what you don’t want is easy, but knowing exactly what you do want is harder to nail down, which is why you feel stuck and unable to move forward.
  2. You’d like to achieve so much more than what you currently are, but your lack of confidence in your own abilities is like a handbrake slowing you down and stopping you being effective.
  3. You’re in the same position you were a year ago because you’re pinned down with self-doubt and uncertainty.
  4. You have a lot to give to the world, but you feel others can do a much better job so you don’t put yourself forward or do what you need to do to get things moving.

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