BreakThrough Success Stories & Reviews

Pia Gaardboe Reviewer

Pia Gaardboe, Editor, Proofreader and Copywriter

“I attended Scott’s Break Through Procrastination Workshop and discovered and defined my beliefs in a way I had not before, and realised that I have been seeking appreciation from external sources rather than valuing the appreciation I give myself. Defining actual steps towards achieving my goal has also helped kick my butt into motion to get it done! I would recommend this workshop for anyone procrastinating on a goal or feeling lost in their life.”

Strauss Viljoen Reviewer

Strauss Viljeon, Director, The Marketing Press

“I recently attended the Breaking Through Procrastination workshop with DoctorZed and enjoyed the workshop immensely. The course content was excellent and challenging in its nature. Scott’s medical background allows him to bring us to a greater understanding of the way we think and why. Not your average personal development course!”

TSkene Reviewer

Tristan Skene, IT Officer at JT Johnson and Sons

“Scott’s one-day seminar ‘Break Through Procrastination’ was incredibly insightful and beneficial. DoctorZed breaks the process of why we procrastinate down very thoroughly and in a way that makes it easy to understand, and empowers the user to break through the barriers to succeed in limiting procrastination. Not only that, but he helped me re-establish and affirm my core values, break down fear barriers and realign my life goals. Thoroughly recommended!”

LMooney Reviewer

Leticia Mooney, Business Owner, Author

“Much of the content [of the workshop] isn’t what you’d expect. It isn’t all the same-old techniques for getting over the hump of not-doing and into doing. Instead, it is focused on working out who you need to be in order to achieve the things you want to achieve… I had an a-ha moment very early in the workshop in which I identified a limiting belief that has held me back from taking action on my [lifelong dream]… ” [Read the Full Review]

Sarah Tapscott Reviewer

Sarah Tapscott, Event Coordinator, Pure Potential Events

“Dr. Scott Zarcinas was a keynote Speaker for Pure Potential Events at our Awakened Living Summit in 2019 where he presented over a 2-day weekend. Scott is a true professional that captivates the audience with his inspiring presentations and easy-going nature. The tools and techniques that he delivered in his presentations were insightful, knowledgeable and highly beneficial that can be easily applied. I loved the energy that Scott brought to the Summit and looking forward to many more opportunities to work with him.”



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