“The [Breaking Through Procrastination] course really opened up my mind and it just helped me realise that I’m on the right path.” Tany Pumpa, Business Manager, Big 4 Tourist Park (Tanunda)

“I would like to encourage anybody that would like to get [the Stress Management Course] for their business… we’ve had such a great benefit with our staff.” James Troup, General Manager, Kodo Technologies

“Fantastic program. I wish I’d done the [Breaking Through Procrastination] course years ago… I recommend it to anybody in business to attend.” Darren Scragg, Owner of Valere People.

“This [Stress Management Course] was incredible for me to learn about… the ‘Why’ behind what I do, learning what causes my actions. Now I’m going to think much bigger.” Bec Normington, Office Manager, Kodo Technologies

“I felt the [Breaking Through Procrastination] course really motivating… this has helped me to get the tools to work through the next stage of my life.” Deb Langford, State Manager, Cozwine

“The [Breaking Through Procrastination] course has really helped me to break things down into manageable chunks so that I can deal with the business management side of things and get on top and not feel so overwhelmed.” Kirsty Roney, Owner, PhysioWise

“This [Stress Management Course] is very applicable not only to work-life but also home life.” Matt Jonas, Computer Engineer, Kodo Technologies

“The [Breaking Through Procrastination] course helped me to decompartmentalise my own goals and… give more back to my clients, helping them even more with financial clarity.” Johan Czanik, Business Analyst, Johanczanik.com.au

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