BreakThrough Testimonials

“The [Breaking Through Procrastination] course really opened up my mind and it just helped me realise that I’m on the right path.”

Tanya Pumpa, Business Manager, Big 4 Tourist Park (Tanunda)

“I would like to encourage anybody that would like to get [the Stress Management Course] for their business… we’ve had such a great benefit with our staff.”

James Troup, General Manager, Kodo Technologies

“Fantastic program. I wish I’d done the [Breaking Through Procrastination] course years ago… I recommend it to anybody in business to attend.”

Darren Scragg, Owner of Valere People.

“This [Stress Management Course] was incredible for me to learn about… the ‘Why’ behind what I do, learning what causes my actions. Now I’m going to think much bigger.”

Bec Normington, Office Manager, Kodo Technologies

“I attended the Breaking Through Procrastination workshop… and what I found most beneficial was breaking down my fears… What DoctorZed showed me and made me realise was that those fears can be broken down into quite small and tangible objects, and that enables me to face my fears and actually defeat them in a very beneficial way. ”

Tristian Skene, JT Johnsons & Sons

“The [Breaking Through Procrastination] course has really helped me to break things down into manageable chunks so that I can deal with the business management side of things and get on top and not feel so overwhelmed.”

Kirsty Roney, Owner, PhysioWise

“The big thing I took out of [the Breaking Through Procrastination workshop] was setting goals and ambitions… and that you’ve got to live the life that you want, the way you want, how you want.”

Brad Williams, JT Johnsons & Sons

“I felt the [Breaking Through Procrastination] course really motivating… this has helped me to get the tools to work through the next stage of my life.”

Deb Langford, State Manager, Cozwine

“This [Stress Management Course] is very applicable not only to work-life but also home life.”

Matt Jonas, Computer Engineer, Kodo Technologies

“The [Breaking Through Procrastination] course helped me to decompartmentalise my own goals and… give more back to my clients, helping them even more with financial clarity.”

Johan Czanik, Business Analyst,

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