Amplifying Your Intent

Amplifying Your Intent

In this episode of Being YOU!, we’ll explore a fundamental habit that often separates the winners from the quitters: Amplifying Your Intent.

We uncover the essence of “I Will,” the second pillar of Power Habit #1: Self-Assuredness & Self-Belief, which we discussed in Episode 25.

Life’s journey is a complex and unpredictable one, filled with its fair share of failures. But here’s the secret that successful individuals understand:

Failures are not roadblocks; they are stepping stones on the path to greatness.

Drawing inspiration from the legendary George Herman “Babe” Ruth, one of baseball’s greatest players, we learn how to embrace the Law of Averages.

Babe Ruth’s career statistics reveal a profound truth: he struck out over 1300 times, nearly double the number of home runs he hit.

Yet, he had unshakable faith in his abilities and the Law of Averages. He knew that by persistently swinging, he could tip the scales in his favour.

Success isn’t just about having faith; it’s about combining that faith with a strong work ethic.

Those who succeed not only believe but also work relentlessly towards their goals.

They understand that to harness the Law of Averages, you must be ‘response-able’, always willing to learn from your mistakes, and committed to seeking solutions.

We also dissect the mindset that distinguishes success from failure.

We explore how a failure attitude, characterized by blame, expecting to lose, making excuses, settling for mediocrity, and entitlement, can hold you back.

But fear not, because we also provide actionable steps to transform these traits into success habits.

Join us as we uncover the magic word that propels you to new heights: attitude.

Discover how a simple shift in perspective can set you on the path to success, and learn how to embrace the power of ‘I Will.’

Don’t just wish for greatness, instead declare, “Yes, I will!”

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