The Power of I Am

Who Are You? – The Power of ‘I Am!’

In this episode of Being YOU!, we ask the question, “Who are you?” and explore the power behind the statement, “I Am!”

We discuss how the statement “I am” holds tremendous power in the human language, and how remarkable and accomplished individuals comprehend this power.

They understand that having a deep-rooted awareness of their own identity, an instantaneous knowing, focuses Life’s power just as a magnifying lens concentrates the intensity of sunlight.

We also discuss how this power is accessible to everyone, yet only a few consciously utilize it.

We ask you to pause for a moment and contemplate the level of success you have attained thus far.

      • Are you highly successful, moderately successful, or not successful at all?
      • Are you content with your current level of success?
      • Do you feel something is holding you back?

Then we discuss how the 80:20 rule applies to your level of success.

If you are unsatisfied with your level of success, only 20% of the limiting factors are beyond your control, which means a staggering 80% resides within you.

But here’s the good news:

You have control over 80% of the factors that influence your success.

We also reveal that the power to choose lies within you, irrespective of your past or current situation.

You hold the key to your future prosperity, and no one else. This means that you possess everything necessary to succeed.

That key is the power to choose, and the most potent use of this key is to choose who you are because it determines everything.

You have the power to define who you are. Successful people understand this and consciously take charge of the process of self-definition.

So join us in exploring the journey of self-discovery and self-definition in this episode of our podcast.

Discover the incredible power that lies within you to choose who you are and unlock the path to your ultimate success.


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