The strange and open secret

The Strange and Open Secret: You Already Have What You’re Looking For

Welcome to another episode of Being YOU!, the podcast that explores the power of self-discovery and personal transformation.

Have you ever found yourself searching frantically for something, only to realize it was right in front of you all along?

We’ve all experienced moments like that, whether it’s looking for misplaced items or seeking happiness and fulfillment in our lives.

In this episode, we delve into the profound truth that you already have everything you’re searching for within yourself.

We often overlook the innate knowledge and power that resides deep within us, instead seeking external sources to fill the void.

But the good news is that this wisdom is not restricted to a select few. It’s a fundamental truth accessible to each and every one of us, and it holds the key to unlocking our true potential.

We explore how our scarcity mindset, the belief that we lack what we need, leads to destructive behaviors and societal issues.

From addictive behaviors to environmental destruction, the consequences are far-reaching.

It’s time to shift our perspective and adopt an abundance mindset, recognizing that we already possess the essential elements for a prosperous and fulfilling life.

We will also explore The Five Pillars of Love:

Joy, security, acceptance, peace, and freedom.

These pillars represent our natural state of being and are the very essence of who we are.

By understanding and embracing these qualities, we can tap into our inner power and create positive change in our lives and the world around us.

Remember, you already have what you’re looking for, and by sharing this knowledge, we can transform our lives and make a difference in the world.

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Dr. Scott Zarcinas | Doctor, Author, SpeakerABOUT DOCTORZED

Dr. Scott Zarcinas (aka DoctorZed) is a doctor, author, and transformologist. He helps pro-active people to be more decisive, confident, and effective by developing a growth mindset so that they can maximize their full potential and become the person they are capable of being. DoctorZed gives regular workshops, seminars, presentations, and courses to support those who want to make a positive difference through positive action and live the life they want, the way they want, how they want.

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