The Thief of Time

The Thief of Time

In this episode of Being YOU!, we’ll journey through my personal tale of how procrastination held me hostage for a staggering 15 years.

My journey is a testament to the insidious power of procrastination and how it can hinder us from seizing opportunities and realizing our full potential.

Life’s twists and turns saw me enter medical school, chasing a stable career instead of my true passion.

I continually deferred my dream, promising myself I’d pursue it once my studies were complete.

This pattern persisted through university, internships, and even relocation to London, where a successful medical career beckoned. Yet, the dream of becoming a writer lingered in the background, perpetually postponed.

Procrastination, in my case, was cleverly masked by excuses – a lack of time, resources, support, and opportunity. But beneath this facade of victimhood lay a profound truth:

I was a victim of myself.

My choices, more than any external circumstance, had led me to where I was. The dream deferred had become a life unfulfilled, a life I wished to escape.

The Thief of Time—procrastination—was none other than the fear of failure, and more specifically, the fear of rejection.

This fear prompted me to play it safe, avoiding risks and new challenges. In my case, the fear of failing at writing, of being rejected, led to a self-imposed paralysis.

This fear reinforced a cycle of procrastination, characterized by excuse-making, self-deception, a lack of commitment, and an aversion to failure.

The dream I held dear was buried beneath layers of avoidance. But as I discovered, procrastination is not a singular ailment:

It’s a symptom of deeper issues related to how we think, feel, and react.

The path to breaking free from its grasp began with discovering my Life Purpose.

By uncovering my Life Purpose, I unearthed the source of not only meaning but also peace, vitality, harmony, enthusiasm, and freedom.

This discovery paved the way to overcoming procrastination and liberating myself from its clutches. I transformed from a victim of my own choices to the author of my destiny.

If you, too, wish to conquer procrastination and live the life you desire, the key lies in understanding why you were born.

When you seek this profound truth, you embark on a journey of self-discovery that can set you free from procrastination’s grasp and propel you toward your dreams.

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