Reignite Your Motivation

Using Your Triune Brain to Overcome Challenges and Thrive

In this episode of Being YOU! we unlock the secrets of motivation and empower you to reignite your passion, overcome obstacles, and embrace a fulfilling and successful life.

We’ll explore the fascinating world of neuroscience and how your brain responds to uncertainty, as well as introduce you to the Triune Model of the brain.

The Triune Model, introduced by Paul D. McLean, identifies three distinct areas of the human brain: the Neomammalian Forebrain, the Paleomammalian Midbrain, and the Reptilian Hindbrain.

While this model may not correspond exactly to the physical structure of the brain, it provides valuable insights into how different brain regions interact and influence our responses to uncertainty and challenging situations.

Understanding the role of each brain region allows us to develop strategies for maintaining motivation and regaining control during uncertain times.

The Triune Brain

We’ll explore three powerful strategies:

1/ Sensible Safety: Addressing the instinctive reactions of your Reptilian Hindbrain by taking sensible precautions to reduce perceived risks to your safety. We’ll guide you through the “SAFE” approach to manage your reactive instincts and behaviors effectively.

2/ Change the Context: Managing the emotional reactions triggered by your Paleomammalian Midbrain by changing the context of your thoughts and emotions. We’ll share practical techniques to shift your perspective and regain control over your emotions.

3/ Focused Certainty: Refocusing your thoughts on what is certain in your life to override chaotic emotions and instincts.

By recognizing and embracing the certainties in your life, you empower your higher brain centers to regain control of your motivation.

We’ll also provide real-life examples and practical tips to help you implement these strategies effectively.

By harnessing the power of your triune brain, you can navigate through uncertainty, stay motivated, and thrive in the face of challenges.

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