New Year's Resolutions Fall Off the Wagon Day

New Year’s Resolutions Fall Off The Wagon Day is Real… Why You’ve Probably Done It More Than Once

How often have your New Year’s Eve resolutions succeeded?

By that, I mean ‘long-term change’.

Losing weight. Getting fitter. Stopping smoking. Drinking less alcohol. Eat healthier. Writing that book. These are some of the usual NYE vows that we make on the last night of the year during our celebrations.

There are others, of course, but what they share in common is a lack of completion. We start out with good intentions. We hit the gym. We avoid fast food. We de-tox.

But then the weeks pass and all our good intentions are a distant memory. We fall back into the habits of the old year and forget the commitments we made to ourselves.

There’s even a day that’s been identified as the most common day of the year where NYE resolutions are abandoned—it’s called “Fall Off the Wagon Day“—and it commonly falls in the second week of February, in or about 40 days into the new year.

If this sounds like a familiar situation, what you need is a re-solution to your resolutions.

So, to avoid falling off the wagon in February next year and keep moving forward, I’ve got the very re-solution for you.

On January 7th 2020 at 7pm (Adelaide, Central Daylight Savings Time) I’m hosting the first of the Don’t Wait, Don’t Procrastinate! webinars of the year.

The timing is no accident. It’s timed specifically to STOP you falling off the wagon before February comes around and it’s too late.

Join me for my next webinar, where we’ll discuss:

  • The science of why you procrastinate
  • The 3 barriers getting in your way
  • The 4 Zones of Motivation
  • How to drop old habits and form new ones
  • Keep motivated and stay committed to your NYE resolutions and goals

All you have to do is click “Yes! Don’t Let Me Fall Off The Wagon” to register for the webinar reminder.

That’s it! I’ll do the rest and get back in touch with you via Messenger around NYE to remind you of the date and times.

Yes! Don’t Let Me Fall Off The Wagon >>

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