Guys, It’s Good to Talk. It’s Vital to Your Health and Mental Wellbeing!

Guys, It’s Good to Talk. It’s Vital to Your Health and Mental Wellbeing!

Men, do you have a problem talking?

I don’t mean talking about how your footy team went over the weekend, or how the Aussie cricket team will do in the Ashes.

I also don’t mean how much you talk on the job or in the office to your boss or colleagues.

I’m talking about communication. Real communication.

The kind of communication that lets others understand how you’re feeling. The kind of communication that solidifies the relationship you have between you and your friends, you and your partner, and you and your family.

The kind of communication that makes you vulnerable.

Yes, the ‘V’ word: vulnerability.

Women, and yes, I’m generalising, have a more balanced approach to vulnerability. On the whole, they know how to deal with it better than men. They know that talking and communicating with their friends, partner and family is an antidote to the awkward and destabilising feelings of vulnerability.

They know that communication is a great strength with which they can use to adapt to whatever life throws at them, a strength with which they can take on the world and keep mentally and physically fresh.

Men, on the other hand, hate feeling vulnerable.

They see it as a weakness, and weakness is not something a man should admit to, should he?

In my latest article for Mr. Perfect, I discuss how to face vulnerability and triumph over it.




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