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Hi, I’m Dr Scott Zarcinas, creator of the SMART Leadership ProgramTM

Join me in a journey to discover your true leadership potential and become the best version of yourself.

You’ll learn the secrets of personal growth so you can:

      • Find Your Purpose ✅
      • Reduce Your Stress ✅
      • Improve Your Relationships ✅
      • Lift Your Well-being ✅
      • Boost Your Happiness ✅

But don’t just take my word on it.

Here’s what some of my clients say about the SMART Leadership Program:


Strauss Viljoen Reviewer

Strauss Viljeon, CMO, Tabor College

“The course content was excellent and challenging in its nature… to bring us to a greater understanding of the way we think and why. Not your average personal development course!”

Lisa Decelis, Director, Account Stability

“Finding the right person to guide me was a difficult process for me. I spoke with a number of companies, both large and small, but couldn’t find the right fit. That’s when I discovered Scott! I strongly recommend his services to anyone seeking a more clear perspective.”

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What You Get:

  • Personalised Coaching: Tailored sessions to address your unique life challenges.
  • Proven Strategies: Unlock the secrets to effective self-leadership with Dr. Scott Zarcinas.
  • Transformative Insights: Gain a fresh perspective and live with confidence.

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Meet Your Coach

Dr. Scott Zarcinas M.D.

Dr. Scott Zarcinas, a seasoned leader and mentor, is at the helm of ‘The SMART Leadership Program.’ With a passion for empowering individuals to unleash their unique potential, Dr. Zarcinas brings a wealth of expertise to guide you on this transformative journey.


  • Doctor of Medicine and Surgery: Dr. Zarcinas holds a medical doctorate, offering a unique blend of academic insight and real-world application to personal growth, healing (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual), stress management, and interpersonal relationships.

Professional Experience:

  • Executive Leadership: Dr. Zarcinas is the founding director of DoctorZed Publishing (est. 2006) and 818: Unlocking Your Life (est. 2008).

Author and Thought Leader:

  • Published Author: Dr. Zarcinas has authored 10 books, 5 of which centre on self-leadership, personal growth, and success, earning him recognition as a thought leader in the field.

Expert in Transformation:

  • Transformational Coaching: Dr. Zarcinas specialises in guiding individuals through transformative experiences, helping them tap into their innate capabilities.

Connect with Dr. Scott Zarcinas: Feel free to connect with Dr. Zarcinas on LinkedIn and Twitter, where he shares valuable insights on leadership, personal growth, and success strategies.

Embark on your self-leadership journey with confidence, guided by the expertise and wisdom of Dr. Scott Zarcinas.


Dr. Scott Zarcinas

About DoctorZed

Dr. Scott Zarcinas (aka DoctorZed) is a doctor, author, and Life Practitioner. He helps proactive people get off the hamster wheel and live the life they always wanted. He teaches the SMART way to live stress-free and have more time for yourself and your family. DoctorZed gives regular workshops, seminars, presentations, and courses to support those who want to make a positive difference through positive action.

Live the life you want, the way you want, how you want!
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