Why Kids Lose Their Stuff and Parents Lose Their Mind!

Why Kids Lose Their Stuff and Parents Lose Their Mind!

Take a stroll around any school and you’ll find lost property boxes crammed with school tops, jackets, hats, calculators, even socks and shoes.

It’s like the story of the Magic Pudding—even as some items are found and removed, they are quickly replaced by other lost or misplaced items.

Why is it, then, that the lost property boxes are always full? What is it about kids that continually forget their things and misplace their stuff?

It’s an endless cycle of, “Mum, have you seen my bathers?” “Dad, have you seen my school top?”

This isn’t a new phenomenon. Every parent since Adam and Eve has struggled to come up with a solution on how to stop their kids losing things.

It’s as if forgetfulness is wired into the growing brains of children from birth, much to the frustration of their parents.

In a way, it is. Growing up is as much about growing and developing their physical body as it is growing and developing their awareness of the world around them.

In my latest article for Kiddipedia, I discuss how we as parents can help our kids from losing things and stop ourselves from pulling our hair out.



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