Saving Brothers

Saving Brothers: Something to help with your wellbeing or someone you care for

I just wanted to reach out to let you know of an exciting new role I’ve taken that complements my role as a transformational coach and mentor — one that I’m incredibly proud of!

I have been accepted by Saving Brothers as an Ambassador for the worldwide men’s health community. This allows me to pursue a passion of mine — advocating for men’s mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health.

Saving Brothers is a community of men within a safe online space where everyone can feel comfortable speaking out about how they’re feeling.

With a mission to #Keep5Alive — Saving Brothers has a goal to teach 5 men to help 5 men. I think this is a wonderful way to create a ripple effect across the seas!

If 5 men help another 5 men, and those 5 men help another 5 men… it could end up impacting 244 million lives with just 11 layers of pledges.

So I’ve taken it upon myself to reach as many of you as I can. To create a difference in the lives of not only the men who need support, but in the lives of their families, their mates, their colleagues, and their broader communities.

I look forward to staying in touch with you and hope you will join me in creating this movement for a global brotherhood.

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