Session 2: Self-Management MindSET

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In this session, we are going to focus on self-management. If you agreed with 5 or more statements from the Self-Management MindSET Type on the My Work From Home Quiz, then this session will help you to strengthen your Self-Management MindSET.

First, let’s identify the requirements of good self-management:

  • Responsible choice-making—the ability to make reasonable and informed decisions
  • Mature reasoning and emotional intelligence—the ability to control your own actions and emotions
  • Self-determination—the ability to set and achieve personal and professional goals
  • Self-Leadership—the ability to have a positive influence in your environment

In an article in the Harvard Business Review, What makes a leader? Daniel Goleman, author of the bestselling book, Emotional Intelligence, described self-management as:

“Being able to manage impulses and moods and to think before acting.”

Psychologists advocate goal setting as the best way to manage your impulses and moods and make reasoned and informed decisions before taking action.

Those who don’t set goals don’t have direction.

Without direction, you are prone to acting on impulse and reacting to whatever is happening around you.

You are like a ship without a rudder, going around and around in circles without a port to head to.

But those who set goals have direction.

They know where they’re going. And because they have a destination they want to reach, they make reasoned and informed decisions.

They control their actions and emotions. They have a positive influence on their environment and those around them.

Those who set goals go a long way to filling the requirements of good self-management.

But what goals should you set yourself?

For optimum results, you should set goals in your 7 Life Segments.



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