Session 3: Energy-Management MindSET

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(approx. 10 minutes reading time)

In this session, we are going to focus on personal energy-management. If you agreed with 5 or more statements from the Energy-Management MindSET Type on the My Work From Home Quiz, then this session will help you to strengthen your Energy-Management MindSET.

First, let’s define good energy-management:

In a word, good energy management is a choice.

Disregarding any chronic illness, your current mental and physical energy levels are the result of the personal and professional choices you have made up until this point in time.

As Leslie Rose McDonald puts it, personal energy management is:

A conscious approach to everyday choice-making which supports sustained energy, vitality, productivity, and calm.

“Choice-making” is a conscious process.

It is a focus of your intentions to achieve a certain outcome.

For instance, if your intention is to increase your effectiveness as a work-at-home father (which, as a student of this course, I’m sure it is), then “sustained energy, vitality, productivity, and calm” are essential factors in achieving that intention.

One of the best strategies for personal energy-management will be the focus of this session.

That strategy is what I call “REBOOT”, and there are 2 parts to this energy-management strategy:

      1. Energy drains
      2. Energy fuels

We will now discuss energy drains and energy fuels in relation to your 7 Life Segments and how you can use them to reboot your energy levels and reinvigorate your enthusiasm for the future you want.


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