Session 5: Simplify Your 7 Life Segments

RECAP: The things you do on a day-to-day basis as a work-at-home father can be divided into 7 Life Segments, such as:

      • Family & Relationships
      • Career & Work
      • Money & Finances
      • Health & Wellbeing
      • Learning & Education
      • Fun & Adventure
      • Spirituality & Ethics
The Value Circle

These 7 Life Segments are the main areas in which you can focus and set goals to achieve throughout each phase of your life.

However, they can also be the main areas in which your work-management effectiveness is limited and needs improving.

Your Weekly Task for Session 5: Work-Management


Rate your work-management effectiveness in each of your 7 Life Segments on a scale of 0-10 (where 0 is the lowest and 10 is the highest).

For instance, you might rate your work-management in Family & Relationships as 9 or 10, but Money & Finances as 3.

Do this for all 7 segments.

Next, rank each key life area or segment in order of lowest work-management effectiveness from 1-7 (i.e. lowest work-management segment = 1, highest work-management segment = 7) and give your reasons for each ranking:

Life Segment
Reasons for Work-Management Rank
Example: 1. Money & Finances
I tend to put things on credit and buy things on impulse.

Now consider how you could simplify your work-management in each of your 7 Life Segments using The SIMPLE Method:

  • S: Use a filing/diary System that best suits your personality and temperament
  • I: Put Important things first
  • M: De-clutter the Mess
  • P: Prepare for the next day the night before
  • L: Keep a time Log (work and home)
  • E: Outsource Errands and delegate chores and tasks where possible (e.g. cleaning, gardening, meals etc.)

Use the below table to plan the SIMPLE activities in each Life Segment that will simplify your work-management over the next week, starting today:

Life Segment
Day & Date
Example: 1. Money & Finances
L: Keep a log of my spending over the next week
Monday to Sunday

These work-management ‘goals’ are what you will be working toward over the next few weeks, months, and even years. So the important point is not to rush this task but to get it right, and then put it into action.

Here are some resources and further reading to help you with this task.

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What Do You Really Want? Why Success Comes to Those Who Have Clarity


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