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In this final session, we are going to focus on risk-management and your next steps to create the future you want. If you agreed with 5 or more statements from any of the Management MindSET Types on the My Work From Home Quiz, then this session will help you to understand your Risk-Management MindSET.

First, let’s define risk-management:

For work-at-home fathers, risk-management is the process in which you identify, assess, and treat potential risks that could affect your 7 Life Segments.

A risk can be defined as an event or circumstance that has a negative effect on your effectiveness as a work-at-home father.

The risks we will consider are those that can affect your 7 Life Segments (e.g. health, finances, transportation, wellbeing, housing etc.)

The risk-management process is a framework for the actions that need to be taken. There are 5 basic steps to manage risk:

  1. Identify the risk—is it a Self-Management, Energy-Management, Time-Management, or Work-Management risk?
  2. Analyse the risk—what are the signs and symptoms that are being exhibited?
  3. Evaluate or Rank the risk—how severe is the potential impact on your 7 Life Segments?
  4. Treat the risk—what are your treatment options or risk-minimisation solutions?
  5. Monitor and Review the risk—how successful have your efforts to reduce your risk been?

Let’s use health as an example, which is a Self-Management risk factor.

  1. Identify the health risk: Is your health of concern to you and/or your family?
  2. Analyse the health risk: Is your diet healthy? Do you exercise regularly? Do you have high blood pressure or diabetes? Are you overweight? Do you have sun-damaged skin? Do you have a family history of cancer?
  3. Evaluate the health risk: Is your health a minor or major concern? Does your health limit your ability to work, drive, exercise, or sleep?
  4. Treat the health risk: Do you need to eat less unhealthy food? Do you need to lower your alcohol or sugar intake? Do you need to exercise more? Do you need a check-up at your family doctor?
  5. Monitor the health risk: Are the treatments or solutions to improve your health risk working? Do you need to do more to reduce your health risk? Are you on track?

You can use this same technique to evaluate your risk in each of your 7 Life Segments.

Identify each potential risk and categorise them as either:

      1. Self-Management Risk
      2. Energy-Management Risk
      3. Time-Management Risk
      4. Work-Management Risk

Then work through each risk using the above 5-step Risk-Management process.

Your Next Steps

Do you have any questions or feedback about Self-Management, Energy-Management, Time-Management, Work-Management, or Risk-Management?
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