The 4 Tenets of Success: How to Play the Game of Life and Prosper

4 Tenets of Success Workshop

Time: 1/2 Day or Full Day

In this motivational workshop, DoctorZed addresses the real reasons people succeed—they know the rules of the game!

Have you ever felt successful people know something you don’t?

Do you feel too busy but never getting ahead?

Do you get tired of being overlooked for a promotion?

Don’t worry, most people feel this way! This course is designed to help you understand the rules of the Game of Life, what you can do to break the cycle of failure, and how to develop the habits for success.

When you realise that successful people follow systems and processes, you can apply the same rules to your own life and create the prosperity you deserve.

The following topics will be covered:

  • why people ignore the basic rules and fail to achieve
  • the 4 Tenets of Success and how to apply them
  • a formula to break the cycle of failure
  • the Life Leadership approach to creating the life you want

On completing this course you will be able to:

  • understand the rules of the Game of Life
  • break the cycle of failure to become more productive and prosperous
  • learn to think and feel like a winner
  • implement effective and efficient habits of success
  • develop a tailored action plan to proactively achieve your goals in work and life



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