The Universal Energy Field

The Universal Energy Field and Your Natural State of Being

One Energy

There is only one energy force in the universe, only one energy field from which everything springs forth.

There is no duality when it comes to energy. There is only one Power Source.

What we do with that energy, however, is up to us. We can use it for selfish reasons or for the greater good. For good or for evil. To heal or to harm.

The energy is the same fundamental energy, it only differs in the manner in which it is used.

This fundamental energy is also what connects you to everything else in the universe—galaxies, stars, planets, moons, the Earth, the continents, the animal kingdom, the oceans, other people.

There isn’t a separate energy field for you and a separate energy field for me. We share the same energy field, and although we’ve probably never met, we are connected at this quantum energy level.

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Interconnected Energy

To understand this interconnected energy field, just think of a glove.

Although the four fingers and thumb appear separate and individual, they are still connected to each other through the form and the material of the glove. human glove with energy field

In this analogy, quantum energy is the glove material and you and I are the individualised finger forms.

Science has shown this quantum interconnectedness of things to be true in the mechanics behind what they term ‘observer influence’.

Which essentially means the simple act of observing an experiment can affect the outcome of that experiment.

To try and counteract this phenomenon, scientists and researchers develop double-blind experiments to minimise the impact of the observing scientist on the outcome and thus arrive at a ‘natural’ outcome or result.

This hopefully minimises the risk of the researcher or participants influencing the experiment with what they hope or expect to find, rather than discovering the truth of what really ‘is’.

So, at the fundamental level of being, science has shown that we are all connected through the Universal energy field, even though on the surface we appear separate and distinct.

Yet all living things, all matter, all space, share the same energy field and are interconnected.

We are all One.

Indestructible Energy

Energy is not only the means by which all matter exists and the means by which stuff happens, it curiously cannot be created or destroyed. It is infinite, abundant, and eternal.

As the First Law of Thermodynamics states:

The total amount of energy and matter in the universe is constant. Energy can be changed from one form to another, but it cannot be created or destroyed.

So all the energy in the universe that ever was in the beginning, is all the energy that is now, and is all the energy that ever will be.

The only thing that changes is how that energy is expressed. How that energy looks. How that energy appears. Only the form changes, the energy remains the same.

This means that energy is not only the power that creates and moves matter (you), but it is also the thing (you) that it powers.

Energy is both the mover and the moved, the giver and the gift, the cause and the effect.

The same energy that powers your bedroom light through electricity is also the light that is emanated—by flicking the switch, you transform electrical energy into light energy.

But it’s still the same energy. All that’s happened is that the cause (electrical energy) has transformed into the effect (light energy).

So too quantum energy is the power source to light the universe.

Energy, in fact, equates to power. The transformational power to activate, animate, and applicate.

Energy activates thought. It animates life. It applies action.

This is the transformational power of energy in action. It is the same transformational power that powers your ideas, your emotions, your activity, your achievement.

It is the same transformational power that powers your success.

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It is the same transformational power that powers your failure too.

Which is why it must be directed and controlled. Just as the electricity coursing through the wires and cables in and around the walls and ceilings of your house must be controlled lest your house burns down or you get an electric shock, so too you must control your innate energy lest it debilitates you or, worse, damages you beyond repair.

How you direct and control your innate energy is through its three human manifestations—mental, emotional, physical:

      1. Imagination (mind and intellect)—activated energy, which manifests as conceptual thought forms.
      2. Intention (emotion and feeling)—animated energy, which manifests as enthusiasm.
      3. Attitude (physical and sensory)—applicated energy, which manifests as effort.

So, in your intention to become the person you want to be and do the things you really want to do, your mental, emotional, and physical energy will need to be directed and controlled in an intentional and disciplined manner.

#1. Activated Energy—Imagination

Imagination is one of your superpowers.

It is the power of the mind that lies behind the creation of conceptual thought forms such as ideas, imagery, memory, words, and any other conceptualisations.

It is the power of first cause. That is why imagination activates, because it is the power that sets into motion everything else that follows.

It is the first domino in the line of dominos that include thoughts, words, feelings, emotions, reactions, instincts, and behaviours.

It is the spark that starts the fire. That is why it is so powerful, and why you need to train your imagination not to start fires you don’t want started.

#2. Animated Energy—Intention

Intention is another one of your superpowers.

Think of intention as the combination of will and desire. That is: Intention = Will + Desire

Intention combines the power of will, which gives you determination, with the power of desire, fuelling your drive and enthusiasm to reach your destination.

Your imagination activates the vision or destination you want to reach, and your intention animates your will and emotional drive to reach it.

Without intent, you won’t have the will or drive to get to where you want to go. That’s why intent is so powerful, because without it you won’t get out of the starting block.

#3. Applicated Energy—Attitude

Attitude is your third superpower.

It is your attitude that applies the vision of your imagination with the will and desire of your intention.

You may well have the best-laid plans, but if you don’t apply the plans in a practical manner then the plans simply won’t get off the ground. It will fall into the realm of dreams and unfulfilled wishes.

You may well have the best intentions, but if you don’t apply your will and desire in the direction of where you want to go, then you will simply go around and around in circles and not get anywhere. Sooner or later, you’ll just give up on your dreams and resign yourself to it never happening.

But with an attitude of never giving up, of being resilient, you will keep one eye on the destination and one eye on your determination and drive.

That’s how you’ll reach your goals and become the person you want to be.

Abundant Energy

Imagination, Intention, and Attitude are vital if you want to create the life you really want.

It’s what we all want. We all want to advance and grow. We all want to experience life in all its abundance.

Which, of course, is your natural state of being. Your innate, interconnected, indestructible energy—who you are—expresses itself as an abundance of joy, security, acceptance, peace, and freedom.

Be mindful, then, to activate your visual energy with your superpower Imagination. Be mindful to animate your enthusiasm with your superpower Intention, and be mindful to apply your efforts with your superpower Attitude in meaningful and effective ways that can express the fullness of your natural state of being.

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